February 6 - March 8, 2014

Enterprise Square Galleries (10230 Jasper Ave, Edmonton)

Gallery Hours: Thursday/Friday: 12-6pm, Saturday: 12-4pm

(Admission by donation)

They've dominated the news across the globe, now you can come see the real dinosaur specimens, shown to the public for the first time. DinoStars features two of the arguably most exciting recent discoveries from the University of Alberta's Laboratory for Vertebrate Paleontology, the Baby Chasmosaurus belli and the Mummified Edmontosaurus regalis.

These two extraordinary dinosaur specimens are special, not because they add another new species to the already long list of dinosaur names, but because they give us a glimpse of how some dinosaurs grew from housecat-sized hatchlings into minivan-sized adults, how the muscles and skin hung from a dinosaur's bones, how dinosaurs courted their mates, and even how dinosaur parents looked after their young.


Download high-res exhibition poster (PDF)